CPO Manufacturing Co. was incorporated in January 1990. Remanufacture equipment and the company’s purpose was to produce cores. Our expansion throughout the years has included the purchase of many OEM foundry equipment makers, the development of new patented equipment in addition to forming an employee owned company. Driven to deliver solutions and the best products to our clients, we’ll continue to diversify to fulfill up with the machine needs of our foundry market that is evolving. We remain diligent of supplying solutions to efforts as our client base expands throughout the marketplace. We remain committed to the process with each customer.

Employee involvement is vital to our growth. Our team of engineers and designers take pride in creating equipment systems to meet customer specifications.

Our field service technicians provide service and support which have startup, installation, equipment inspections, training and maintenance recommendations.

Integrity is the cornerstone of our organization. We stand with an guarantee for our machines.

CPOMC will produce answers to your challenges that are foundry. Not only can we accommodate lots of our products to satisfy your requirements, CPOMC can provide replacement parts for all types of equipment.