Aluminum Casting Systems


Our Cast Equipment Systems provide manufacturing flexibility and high yields. With our expertise, CPO Manufacturing Co. can design a system tailored to your manufacturing needs.

CPO Manufacturing Co. Low Pressure Molding Machines are fully manufacturing facilities for producing castings when substance integrity demands of casting designs are required. During the sequence of operation, these machines that are enclosed have the ability to set cores, extract castings, place gate displays, blow the mould off and present the operator for review with the casting. Mechanical cycle is made for 75 sec/cycle. .

CPO Manufacturing Co. Semi-Permanent Mold Turntables have been redesigned in mind with operation, reliability and maintainability to provide quality products to the sector. CPO Manufacturing Co.’s turntable system typically utilizes five casting chairs mounted on a 26′diameter, electric motor- driven turntable. This system was created with a minimum platform elevation of 39″, therefore no pits are necessary for setup. The cycle that is mechanical is 80 sec/station. Based on customers’ tooling package requirements, a solidification production speed of 45 castings/hour can be anticipated.