Core Production Machines

CPO Manufacturing Co. obtained experience in core room alternatives while initially supplying cores into the automotive industry. We acquired insight into the reliability and maintainability required to keep. With this production knowledge, we began to provide the business with remanufactured equipment, backed with a new equipment guarantee.

This invaluable expertise, combined with both inner layout developments and strategic product line acquisitions, place CPO Manufacturing Co. at a favorable position to supply the proper new or remanufactured equipment for our client’s requirements.

Our center machines can include such features as clamping of quick change tooling capability, the corebox, corebox inspection stations, tooling load cars and methods of heart removal. We can provide complete core cells such as gas generators, center sand planning systems, fundamental amine systems, and heart handling systems (including robotic applications). We’ve got the ability to create cores during shop testing to not only demonstrate the core machine’s performance, but to also confirm the tooling. All equipment is fully supported with support and parts.