Equipment & Technology

cutting-and-welding-equipmentWith one of the most diverse selections of forming cutting and welding equipment, we can provide the tool to complete the job. Very complex and projects can be completed with our choice of processing and welding equipment under one roof.

Metal Fabricators and Welding may get involved in projects at various stages. Some clients have a road map others just have an idea. Our team will help realize ideas and organize the route to end.

Metal Fabricators and Welding offers a diverse capability to accommodate small and large scale projects. With our vast assortment of equipment housed within nearly 50,000 sq/tf of manufacturing and processing space, we can approach a broad range of custom jobs. We have one with a focus on processing two centers and the other equipped for heavy fabrication. This ability means Metal Fabricators and Welding can take on one off jobs, time sensitive projects, production runs that are higher and exceptionally custom fabrication projects.

Our customers are generally utilities, energy generation, oilfield services and construction outfits; companies searching for fabrication projects and machines, equipment that are on budget and on time. Shop size and our varied equipment attract engineering organizations searching for one. We offer a service to clients, from drafting to fabrication by supporting the whole process.

Our Products

  • Aluminum Casting Systems
  • Automated Molding System
  • Briquetting System
  • Casting Wedge
  • Core Production Machines
  • Equipment Re-manufacturing
  • Robotic Applications
  • Standard Molding Machines