What Do You Do After a Severe Water Damage?

It might be challenging to recover from extensive water damage. Depending on the origin of the damage, such as a flood or a broken pipe. You may need to remove mold, rip out floorboards, tear down walls, replace sidings, or fully renovate your basement. The number of damaged locations in need of repair may be never-ending. 

You can try to force yourself to see the bright side of your position. After all, experts unanimously agree that decluttering your home has a psychological advantage. You can recover from severe water damage, no matter how traumatic it is. And, in many cases, once you’ve completed all of your repairs, your home will look even better.

Steps to Follow After an Extensive Water Damage

Here are some pointers and procedures to take to recover from severe water damage effectively.

Precautions Should Be Taken

You must take some precautions before participating in any cleanup efforts. First and foremost, make sure that the power has been switched off in your home. Water and electricity do not mix, so you’ll want to be sure you’ve addressed that possible hazard before proceeding.

Examine the area once the electricity has been turned off. Examine your home’s walls and ceilings to ensure that everything is still structurally sound. If you notice sagging flooring or ceilings, stay away and call a professional. If the property appears to be generally safe, you can take some preliminary precautions to limit the eventual damage to your home.

Start the Initial Cleanup

Assuming you’ve previously identified and isolated your water source, you’ll want to take a few quick steps to mitigate the damage. First, gather everything wet on the floor and relocate it to a dry, safe location.

Now go ahead and clean your floors. Yes, it may appear unusual to use more water while cleaning up after water damage, but water damage frequently brings dirt, mold, and other contaminants with it. Clean up the area as best you can, re-dry everything, and call in the specialists if the damage is pervasive.

Bring in the Experts

As soon as you’ve completed speaking with your insurance provider, you should contact a professional cleaning firm. Nonetheless, because they are unlikely to arrive right away, your initial measures will reduce the harm while you wait for them.

In addition, as soon as you employ a cleaning service, you should hire a specialist. We would recommend anyone with storm response experience recovering from a flood such as experts from PuroClean Orchard Park. Still, the goal is to have a professional examine the damage to make the correct repairs.

This will almost certainly necessitate the involvement of an electrical contractor as well as an air conditioning specialist. At this stage, the majority of the repair of your property is out of your hands. 


Being subjected to extensive water damage can be a frightening and frustrating experience. Even if the worst-case situation occurs, you can recover from the damage. You can repair your home and your peace of mind by salvaging what you can and bringing in the proper professionals. They can easily do the cleanup for you as they specialize in this field. If you want to learn more about water damage, click here.