Enjoy the Cold Weather: Prevent Mold Growth From Happening

The winter season is the time of the year that everybody enjoys as it brings cold temperatures, giving off sweater weather vibes. Nevertheless, this phase is the perfect time for molds to infest every area at your house. Molds can expand indoors and outdoors; they spread out by floating via the air and landing on moist surfaces. We want you to enjoy the winter, and one way to achieve this is to stop mold growth during this time. So, below’s a list of preventive measures to effectively assess the issue.

Methods to Avoid Growth of Molds

1. Keeping Humidity Levels Low

Mold commonly develops on surfaces where air and moisture accumulate, areas like the bathroom with hot and cold showers or kitchen. This happens when the air inside the house is dry, and suddenly moisture begins to increase, maybe from the boiling water or hot shower. One way to prevent molds from progressing is to control the humidity levels at home, keeping them at 60%. Achieve this by executing the following measures below or you can also click this link for more tips.

  1. Never be reluctant to purchase a dehumidifier.
  2. During bath time, take cold showers if possible.
  3. Try to move in-house plants in a well-ventilated location.
  4. Do not leave wet clothes and towels stocked on the laundry basket.
  5. Minimize laying fabric floor mats and rugs in areas usually exposed to moisture.

2. Dry Cleaning Mold-Prone Areas

An effective rule of thumb is keeping wet spaces of the house completely dry and clean. This strategy can help you prevent mold buildup in these areas. Look after the house parts where leaks and floods usually come about, particularly the windows, sills, kitchen corners, shower, and bathroom. Below are some cleaning tips to avoid mold growth in these places.

  1. Wash and dry thoroughly the fabrics that can absorb moisture, such as mats, rugs, and towels.
  2. Consider using products prepared to kill molds when cleaning for mold-prone areas.
  3. Properly maintain outside areas of the house susceptible to leaks, including gutters, window sills, sheds, and drains.

However, if you did all of these things but still failed in preventing molds from developing, go online and search for restoration companies like PuroClean Fairfax. They have trained professionals who can assist you in solving the problem.

3. Improvement Of House Ventilation

Proper ventilation in the areas where moisture gathers typically is crucial to avoid mold growth. Due to the cold weather, the temperature starts to drop significantly. Thus, air and heat inside the house would not hold the moisture it brings. Therefore, the excess humidity goes directly toward the walls, floors, furniture, and other house portions. The following are techniques that can enhance ventilation around the house.

  1. Let the air inside your home out by opening the doors and windows daily to allow an excellent airflow from one room to another.
  2. Set up and use exhaust fans on the house areas where moisture usually gathers, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

4. Schedule For A Mold Inspection

Setting a timetable for inspection is ideal for preventing mold from growing rather than a complete property restoration. This is because it is less expensive, cutting a large part of the budget predestined for this purpose. Identifying the cause and source of the mold growth is the best starting point to correctly assess the problem. The next thing would be the removal of mold. This can protect your home and family from the possible water damage Arlington and health complications it can cause. However, you can not perform this by yourself; it would be far better to ask for help and assistance from professionals. Do this by following the actions listed below:

  1. Go online and browse for various water and fire restoration service providers and directly visit their website.
  2. Try to find their contact information and get in touch with them by calling or sending them a message; choose what is more convenient for you.
  3. Schedule for a mold inspection and cleanup or, if necessary, a complete property restoration.