Preventing the Growth of Mildew and Mold

Although the terms mold and mildew are frequently referred to as the same thing, It is crucial to know the distinctions in taking preventative measures. Mold is found in a variety of colors, including brown, green and yellow. It is usually fuzzy. It can also grow on surfaces which makes it difficult to detect and can be even more hazardous. Mold can go unnoticed for a few weeks or months. If it is not dealt with promptly, it could damage the surface or material that it is growing on.

Mildew is one of the examples of a particular kind of fungus. It starts as a white, powdery slime; however, it soon turns black or brown. Mildew thrives on surfaces, which makes it easy to recognize. While it can be challenging to clean or repair, mold is relatively simple to get rid of.

The prevention of Mold and Mildew Growth

The items they require to flourish both mildew and mold, have a few things in common. Both need water and heat to develop. Both can mature in 24-48 hours. There are various ways you can follow to eliminate mildew and mold from your house. But, it is ideal to stop them from becoming a problem. These suggestions will help you to prevent the growth of mold and mildew within your home.

Reduce Humidity

There will be condensation on the mirror in your bathroom and steam rising in the air following a hot shower. It is also the case when you are boiling water on the stove.

The ideal conditions for mold and mildew can be caused by humidity and heat. This is an effective method to stop mold growth in these regions by opening a window and running an exhaust fan for 20-30 minutes after the moisture has gone away. Click here to view more details regarding mold remediation services. 

Beware of Leaks That Allow Moisture

Leaks cause the growth of mold. The most popular molds are kitchen and bathroom sinks. Be sure to examine the sink and make sure that there are no leaks. Fix any leaks as quickly as you can. The growth of mold can be rapid, and repairs could be more expensive than preventative measures. A restoration firm like PuroClean has details about their water damage restoration on their website.

Improve Your Home’s Air Flow

The moisture is absorbed by the floors, walls, and furniture. The warmth in your home during winter is not much help either.

The prevention of humidity and heat are two of the most hazardous elements for the growth of mold. To ensure your house is adequately ventilated, open your windows and keep doors wide open. This can improve the ventilation of your home and may even enhance the quality of your air. For water removal, you can hire a trusted water damage restoration firm.


It is more challenging than cleaning mold. Some molds are difficult to eliminate. If you think that mold is growing inside your home, it could be necessary to get it taken away. To find a quick solution to your mildew or mold issue, call experts in mold removal.